Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daily Sketches - Oct. 05, 2008

My old blog is dysfunctional, so I created two new sites, one to display my fine art and illustrations, and this one for my daily sketches and blogging. Good ol' trusty Blog Spot!

Here are two sketches that I did today. The first is from a church business meeting and the second is of the boy as we were eating at Micky D's. Done with just a Sharpie ink pen (one of my favorite sketching implements).


Margaret Ann said...

Nice expressive pen lines...:)

freebird said...

Very nice pictures. Don't you want to keep these? Sharpies over time leach out a sickish yellow halo. They don't make lasting pictures.

David R. Vallejo said...

Thanks for the comment.

I understand what you mean by making lasting pictures, though I haven't noticed any yellow halos from using Sharpies (I actually checked some of my old sketchbooks from 11 years ago to make sure). Maybe the quality of my paper keeps it from yellowing, I don't know.

My prefered ink pen is actually a crow quill with India ink. However, since it is not always convenient to bring a qilled pen, a bottle of ink, and a container of water (to rinse the nib to prevent clogging) everywhere I go, the Sharpie suffices. It is quick, easy and doesn't usually make a mess.

My main intent for sketching is to use it as a creative outlet and to stay on top of my technique and observation skills. It also forces me to not worry about making mistakes. I just leave them in the picture or making corrections with the pen itself.

freebird said...

Well that's good. Maybe it is the paper as I'm sure mine was cheap notebook paper which is pretty acidic probably. I just didn't want you to look back and say "oh no"!