Friday, November 14, 2008

What "táctil" Means

"Táctil" is Spanish for tactile. Though I hardly speak a lick of Spanish, in the search for a catchy name for my business, "arte táctil" seemed to have a good ring to it.

It also describes my approach to art which is a very tactile process. Kind of the opposite of what is is experienced by this age of the computer. Though I like some computer work, and have done some minor manipulations of my own work with the machine, I prefer to create most of my work through tactile means. Personally, it allows me to really get to know my subject and put my heart into my work. Plus, I am in the art business because I enjoy drawing and painting, not working with machines.

Another "táctil" process I like to engage in is playing the guitar and writing music. This is a good outlet for me because there is usually no pressure to create a "work of art" and so I can just focus on being creative and having fun.

However, I recently joined my church's praise band and so the expectations are a little different when playing for an audience. Since our band doesn't perform that much (our church traditionally sings a capella), and my musical abilities are limited, I have been practicing quite a bit lately, especially during this week, to the detriment of my art production. I have especially been focusing on a solo that I have that acts as a bridge between two songs.

Our band plays this Saturday night. So after this week I hope to get back to the drawing board and get back into the groove of producing art work.

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freebird said...

I agree. The act of using the pencil, pen, brush and whatever else feels good. I've heard people say they can produce the same thing on the computer but it isn't the same - at least to me. I think a whole lot of EDMers would agree!