Friday, January 30, 2009

Guitarist/Musician Series

This illustration is of Steve Vai, presently one of my favorite guitarists/musicians. Not only does he have incredible skill on his ax, he is extraordinarily talented as a composer (we're talking musical notation, not your typical rock musician) and just outright creative. He has a knack of reinventing himself over and over again as an artist.

Anyway, enough about Vai. Since I appreciate good music, especially guitar playing (I play the instrument myself), I plan on creating a series of illustrations of famous (and maybe not so famous) guitar players. So this is my first of the series.

In this series I will attempt to not simply achieve a physical likeness of the artist, but more importantly capture the essence. They will all be in pen and ink because I want them to have a spontaneous quality.


Graham McArthur said...

Nice one

Anetka said...

I like the technique you've used.
good work

Pippa said...

Amazingly breathtakingly beautiful technique, wow!

(: Pippa
Pippa's Porch

kazumiwannabe said...

That's nice! Great effect!