Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Illustration Friday: "Instinct"

I decided to draw a less literal design for this week's IF. I wanted to depict the primary need for a cat to be a creature of instinct. Deep down inside of what we may think as being a cute, warm, and fuzzy pet is an animal trying to fulfill its most basic needs: sharpening its claws in preparation to capture its prey (even if it is only a play mouse).


Coreopsis said...

Now THOSE are scary claws. I really like the texture of the line here, how it's all soft in the rest of the picture, but every so clear in the claws--and they are there, right front in the picture.

ellis.illus said...

purrrrrfect :-)
nice linework!

Lindart said...

very cool perspective for a drawing!! I like how those claws dominate the drawing!