Thursday, April 16, 2009

Communion Triptych

This triptych is a repainted design after one of my sermon paintings. I want to paint all of my sermon painting designs at a smaller scale so I can reproduce them into prints for purchase. Since the actual sermon paintings are loosely painted (due to a tight time constraints) and are difficult to get a good photo at such a large size (approximately 4' x 6'), I wanted the repainted designs to be more finished in appearance. The smaller size of 18" x 24" is much easier to photo. I have made 10 prints of each of painting of the triptych. I wanted to start out with a small number of prints to see if there is actually an interest in buying them. I can always have more prints produced if I run out.

I really like my approach to these paintings. I started out with a grisaille (black and white underpainting), which was tightly rendered. After the paint dried I slowly added color glazes with acrylic gloss medium. The result is a luminous effect of light, shadow and color. Traditionally, painters that use this approach work with oils and oil mediums. However, since I did not want to wait for the paint to dry I decided to use acrylics. I can imagine that my results would have been even better had I used oils. I also think the painting process would have been easier. Nevertheless, I am happy with the end result.


Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Lovely paintings. I always wanted to try that process to see if I like it. After seeing how it came out in your work I might give it a shot.

David R. Vallejo said...

Thanks, Lynn. For many years I have also wanted to try that painting process. This series I am working on will be a good experience for me to explore painting this way.