Saturday, May 16, 2009

Some Sketches

I have been trying to take my sketchbook around more to put more effort in developing my drawing skills. Drawing is such an important part of being a visual artist. Here are some recent sketches:
The first is a sketch of a playground at one of the schools where I teach. The kids are playing kickball

Next is a school volunteer making copies in the staff lounge.

Another playground shot. The kids left just as I started the drawing.

Finally, a design drawn in between classes during lunch time. During the day I had some classes that had some of the same kids so I had to come up with more than one design for the day. The kids drew this design in oil pastel


Alex said...

Really good sketches! You've captured all the vital essence... something I truly need to learn -__-'
Anyway, these are just so inspiring!

nanke's stuff said...

Yes, I think they are very good, too. While they have simplicity and are uncluttered with non-essential detail, they really do convey a lot of information and feeling with few lines. Well done! nancy

David R. Vallejo said...

Thank you Alex and Nancy. Capturing the essense of a subject, and not overstating it, is very challenging, but it is a challenge that I enjoy pursuing!