Monday, June 15, 2009

Mr. Frodo on His New Leash

Our cat, Mr. Frodo, has been dying to get outside for the longest time. The problem for him is that he is an indoor cat. A while ago I saw a harness for cats at the pet store and thought it might be fun to get one for Frodo. A couple of days ago we finally got one and it took very little coaxing to get Frodo to try out the harness. He had a blast exploring our front yard and some of our neighbor's yard. Tomorrow I think we will have our next adventure in the backyard.
This drawing was done with a 0.7mm Bic pencil. I think I might use this drawing as preparation for a more finished picture in color.


Deborah said...

How great for him to be able to safely explore. He looks like he is enjoying himself.

Ashley said...

Your proportions are really good,everything is in perspective,and your angels are all good.Good Job

Alex said...

A very nice sketch and it's surprising that cats are okay with leashes :)
I really like how you did the eyes

vickylw said...

Excellent sketch and great idea!

But they don't make a cat harness big enough for my Beorn Bearcat (he is a huge Maine Coon). He always looks so longingly when I take the dog out.