Friday, July 10, 2009

Pictures from the Art Reception

These are from just before people started to arrive. I was not able to take any pics during the reception since I was giving the presentation.

One of my posters that I created for class. van Gogh was the man!

One of the portfolios made for students. They were made from Trader Joe's bags. I got the idea from a kindergarten teacher who gave me one of her extra portfolios.


Alex said...

such an interesting class and what great level of productivity there! :) I wish my teachers in school would post up one of my drawings back then, that didn't happen -_-

freebird said...

I hope the kids had fun with the class. I like Van Gogh. He really only sold one painting in his lifetime? Wow.

Simz said...

I Love Van Gogh ...hes the best ...and uve chosen some of my favorite paintings