Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daily Sketch 18

Still trying to draw a moving dog.

Drawn with Sharpie pen.


An Evolving Artist @ said...

I love dog sketches. Last year, I spent lots of time drawing my BFF and fave model Bubba.
An interesting aside, when I first opened the drawing, the corner of the cushion looked like a dog face too!
Your drawings are so illustrative!

Christie said...

It's beyond my skills to capture pets "on the hoof," but you do a beautiful job of it. Someday I will try again.

donna said...

Terrific sketches of "moving targets!"

David R. Vallejo said...

That's funny. I never planned on the cushion to look like the dog's face. That's just where I started to draw the dog when she suddenly moved from the floor to the couch. "Illustrative" is a high compliment to me. Thanks!

Dan Kent said...

It's very difficult to capture anything moving! The sleeping dog is one thing, but the dog on the top bunk is really in an alert-dog pose. Very authentic and well-done - you captured him despite the movement.

Of course the dog-faced mattress creeps me out a bit (just kidding):)

freebird said...

Neat. The cushion looks like it's turning into a dog even!