Thursday, November 19, 2009

Daily Sketch 26

Here's EDM 248 - Draw a lock. Drawn from memory/imagination. I concentrated on line quality, similar to that of mechanical drafting. I always wondered why drafters draw thicker outlines of objects. Perhaps it is a framing device of sorts.

Drawn with a Sharpie pen.


raena said...

Great sketch from imagination, David! Drafters draw darker outlines around nearer objects, with thinner around the object farther away. To give some depth of field, since they do not usually use shading. It makes it easier to read.

Alan said...

Before the advent of CAD drafters would draw the object with darker and thicker lines to distinguish it from the dimension lines which would be a thinner line. Common device in detailing. That is how I got started in the steel business. Started as a draftsman many, many moons ago. My high school offered drafting classes.

David R. Vallejo said...

Well, nowadays I'm more than aware of the reason of line quality. I actually went through schooling for architectural drafting. That was when I was trying to get into a "real" job and thought architecture was a good compromise between doing something artistic and doing something practical. Boy was I wrong! Generally speaking, there is pretty much nothing artistic about the field of architecture! So now I'm just a struggling artist.