Monday, November 2, 2009

Daily Sketch 8

Another sketch from the Sunday class. The class is on the apostle Paul's book to the Galatian church. Very good study. I think our modern society gives Paul a bad rap. Because of some of his writings (taken out of context) he has been labeled chauvinistic. However, a closer examination of his writing will find non-sexist (and non-racist)views that were really ahead of the times in the first century. In some ways, depending on the part of the world, his views are ahead of our times. I think Paul's teachings lay some of the ground work for equal rights for all people in society. It makes me wonder why today's church is not more proactive when it comes to such issues.
I started this drawing on our minister's arm and hand in pocket, and somehow that threw off some of the proportions. In fact, as I look at the rest of the drawing I find all kinds of things out of whack. Nevertheless, I like how it turned out as I am not always concerned with the final product but enjoy the process of the drawing experience.

Done with a Sharpie.


Possum Patty said...

Sharpie artist - I think your final product is pretty good! It must be hard sketching someone who is talking and making gestures, especially when you are using an unforgiving non-erasable medium. Great details!

David R. Vallejo said...

Thank you Possum Patty. Yes, my Sharpies can be very unforgiving, but thankfully many who view my drawings are :)

Aarti Harish said...

Neat work.

Ramona Davidson said...

Love the picture. You are so great with people sketches & with a Sharpie. I agree with what you say about the apostle Paul Most people do not have any idea how progressive he was for every one's rights.