Saturday, December 5, 2009

Daily Sketch 42

Another sketch from imagination. Sometimes drawing faces is like doodling to me. I just start on one part of the page and make it up as I go.

Drawn with a Sharpie pen.


marancat said...

And I bet that there are other people looking at this who are saying, just like me, "Oh, that looks just like....!!"

Shirley said...

The shading that you do with a pen is just awesome! The white lower lip sets the whole face.

curiouscrow said...

I share your love of just drawing faces - it's amazing how these people just appear on the page. Great job.

Doug Fireman said...

I like your imaginative drawings.
Like the detail and the expression.

Don't know if you'd agree,

but Jung claimed that all dream and waking images are reflections of our individual psyches.


David R. Vallejo said...

Doug - That is an interesting idea of Jung's. I do find that my work, both imaginative and from life, express who I am even though an image may not look like me. I think that idea is what makes art such a personal process for artists.