Sunday, December 13, 2009

School Christmas Program Flyer

Here is a design that I was asked to do for my son's school Christmas program. My wife wrote the play and so it was convenient for her to ask me to do it. The illustration was done with watercolor, pen/ink, acrylic, and color pencil. The lettering was done digitally.
Below are the sketches that led up to the final design. Sometimes when I have a project like this I have really grand ideas that just aren't feasible. I end up refining and simplifying my ideas in the end which is what happened with this design.
We already have our Christmas cards for this year, but I was thinking of maybe using this design for next year's cards because I am really pleased with the design.


donna said...

You should be very pleased with the results! This will make a great Christmas card.

Nicolette said...

This is wonderful - and what a nice family project!

freebird said...

It's great for the program and I think it would make great cards for next year. Get them printed out NOW and you'll have one less thing to do next year when crunch time comes and we wonder where the time went.