Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pet Drawings #23, 24

The first drawing is of Samantha as she was sitting on my leg. Good thing my sketchbook was sitting right next to me so I could pick it up and draw her. Done with a Bic 0.7mm mechanical pencil.
The second drawing is of Mr. Frodo sitting on our junk mail. It is funny how cats like to sit on things like that. Drawn with a 0.9mm mechanical pencil.
Being at just under 25 drawings of my planned 100, I feel like I am starting to run out of ideas. This is the point where I need to not think about drawing 100 pictures, but to think about simply enjoying the process of observing my subjects and being creative. That's what this is about, right?


nanke's stuff said...

Cats are so interesting, aren't they! I especially like Frodo's eye - it has a look I've seen in our cat's eyes (when we had cats, that is). Well done! nancy

lyn said...

Very nice drawings. I just happened to start 100 dogs! I have done 100 hands, horses and cats. I'll have to check out the site you mentioned with your first "pet post" about the 100 challenge!
You are so right about knowing your subject after drawing it 100 times. (I should refresh on the hands they are difficult)
Continued success!

raena said...

I've been thinking about what I'm going to do to keep myself interested in the 100 project too. I'm leaning towards trying many different mediums. Maybe even some collage, which I NEVER do. These are wonderful!

donna said...

Great sketches, as always.

Revelle said...

great sketches. I should try a mechanical pencil. I don't believe I even own one! A trip to Staples!