Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama Caricature Study

I struggled so much yesterday with just getting something started for building up my portfolio. Sometimes when I am overwhelmed by the massive undertaking of a project I become almost paralyzed with the enormity of it all. So today I am doing better and am able to focus better on the steps that I need to take rather than just the big picture.

One of the sections of my portfolio that I am working on is my caricature/portraiture work. I seem to have a knack for drawing people and for some reason I haven't really pursued it professionally. So I thought I would start with Obama since he is so fun to draw.

This is a study for an ink and watercolor illustration.

Drawn with a 0.9mm mechanical pencil.


Shalini said...

Wow.. looks good

Spinneretta said...

LOL Nicely done :)
Maybe you need to be in the portrait party too :)

Alex said...

Nice one! Hahahaha, makes me smile =)

nanke's stuff said...

Obama has the perfect face to caricature! Well done! nancy