Thursday, July 8, 2010

IF: "Giant" process

I decided to document the process of creating this week's Illustration Friday topic "Giant". I took 13 pics of the process but am only sharing 8 to save space. I think it is pretty evident what is going on.

I started the illustration process with the sketch in the first pic. Usually I have to make several sketches before I decide what I want, a visual brainstorm of sorts. However, I pretty much nailed the idea from the start with the initial sketch. I liked the line quality of the drawing so much that instead of using pen and ink for my final illustration (my usual medium) I decided to use Prismacolor pencils for the linear work.

The process was pretty straightforward. Using the sketch as reference, I started the picture similar to a traditional watercolor painting, slowly starting with light colors and broad brushstrokes, then refining my technique as the image progressed. I didn't pre-draw any outlines, I just went for it. My college drawing professor would be proud!

If I wanted, I could have added more refinements with paint. Instead I chose to add the final details with line. I did this because I really enjoy combining painting and drawing techniques. It just "does it" for me!

When I first considered the "Giant" topic, the first thing I thought of was a David and Goliath concept. However I felt this was too typical. So somehow the second thing I thought of was how when I was a skinny, goofy teenager, I had an incredible appetite. One could say my appetite was "Giant"! So I depicted a skinny, goofy teen getting ready to devour his giant meal. BTW, this is a self portrait.


Shalini said...

This is so cool! Thanks for sharing the process here.. I enjoyed going thru them all... I think it'll help people like me who keep struggling with how to go - more like how to start doing a good art work!

Alex said...

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing =)