Thursday, August 26, 2010

Illustration Friday: "Atmosphere"

I wasn't sure if I would get to do the topic for this week. I've just been busy with other things. However, after tonight's dinner, with the son busy doing his homework, I though I would give it a try. This is a portrait of budding guitarist/musician Zack Wiesinger. He is an amazing artist and I look forward to seeing where his career takes him. His music certainly creates an "atmosphere".
Drawn with pen and ink.


Alex said...

Really nice sketch! I like his expression really, and his guitar =)
I also got inspired by the way you sketch your pets, and I decided to try and do one on a husky I saw online...someday I'll do one on my cat Oni. =)

donna said...

I love the light and dark spaces created by your cross-hatching.

David R. Vallejo said...

Alex - Zack is so much fun to draw because of his many expressions as he is playing. I would love to see some drawings of your cat. Pets are such a challenge and so much fun to draw.
Donna - Thanks. I think I could cross hatch all day!

nanke's stuff said...

Besides your expert use of crosshatching, I like the way you used red sparingly in this piece! nancy