Monday, October 11, 2010

Satriani Signing in SF

Had a great time in San Francisco yesterday. First of all, my family and I went to see an open studio exhibit where her cousin's work was displayed. I really enjoyed seeing her work in person as opposed to via Internet. Nothing takes the place of seeing actual works. Here is a link to Gabby's site. We also saw a lot of other really interesting works, and even though I am a bit shy, I was able to talk to a few artists about their art. Getting to see all the art in the studio was a great way to refill my creative juices for a while.
After the open studio, we went to Borders in Union Square where guitarist/musician Joe Satriani was holding an autograph signing. I thought it would be neat if I could not only have him sign my CD but also one of my drawings of him. So the night before I drew a couple of portraits of Joe in my sketchbook.
Normally I don't like waiting in lines, but I was able to sketch a little bit and talk with a couple of people about my art (sketching in public opens opportunities for conversation) and of course music. Here's the two sketches I did while waiting in line.

Here's a photo of me and the son waiting in line. I think he was more excited about his Star Wars comic book featuring Boba Fett and Jango Fett than seeing Joe. That's OK. He'll probably appreciate the experience more when he gets older.

We actually bought a second CD because we found out that all CDs purchased at the SF Borders allowed the buyer to go to the front of the line. Since we had about a 2 hour drive back home we didn't want to wait in line forever (the signing started at 5:30pm; that would make for a late evening), so now the son has his own personally signed Satriani CD. Here's my copy.

Here's our family picture with Joe. Sure, he can be a part of our family! :)

Here is Joe with my sketchbook. He really seemed to like it and I think if he had time he would have enjoyed looking through all the drawings. He shared with me that his older sisters are also artists and he asked if that is what I do professionally. Wow! What a boost!

Here's Joe after he signed my portrait of him. Before he signed he asked where he could put his signature because he didn't want to mess up the drawing.

Here is my signed drawing. I think Joe's signature is placed in a good location. It really balances the picture well. Drawn with pen & India ink and Joe Satriani's Sharpie.


Elizabeth said...

What an amazing sousvenir! That picture is of Joe is wonderful.

nanke's stuff said...

What a wonderful, great, experience! How special to have your great drawing of him autographed. I bet you're still flying high! ... I sure would be. lol nancy

Tim Lewis said...

Very cool.

Pooja said...

This is fantastic! Congrats :-)

alissa said...

That is so cool - what an experience - that will stay in your mind a long time !

Alex said...

All I can say is WOW! Joe Satriani???? =) That's just awesome, the sketches are awesome, and his signature on your sketch ^^ That just says a lot!

Sandra said...

No wonder Joe was impressed. That was a really cool drawing.

raena said...

What an exciting event! Love the sketch of him and the people waiting in line!

Anais said...

Just fantastic!