Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hourly Comic Day - February 1, 2011

As I was well into yesterday's mid-morning coffee, I found out that yesterday was Hourly Comic Day. The challenge is for a artist to document each waking hour of the day using a comic format. Thinking that this was a good challenge I decided to take it on. I started by retroactively documenting what I did for the few hours that I already had been awake thinking it would be no problem catching up. However, it felt like I spent the entire day playing catch-up, and I actually finished inking the final panels this morning. I didn't quite make it to every waking hour ( I stopped documenting at 7pm but continued drawing until bedtime).
As one can tell, I my approach was rather ambitious at the start of the project. But as the day when on, I went from drawing several panels for each hour, to simply drawing one panel.
This was a grueling exercise, but very enjoyable (now that I'm done with it). I hope I can take on the 24 hour comic challenge (where an artist creates I comic page for 24 hours) when it comes up (which I need to check the date on that).
Created with pen/ink, brush/ink.


Saint Ursula said...

This is really awesome! I see there are a few panels of you drawing/inking. I think if I undertook something like this, all the panels would end up being about me drawing - I think I'd need to gain some speed before trying that.

Alex said...

Love your little story board =)

EscapeHatch said...

Fantastic effort!

I love comics and am a huge fan of Scott McCloud (where the germ of this idea started) and have always wanted to try the 24-hr. comic challenge...maybe this year.

raena said...

I had the same thought as Ursula...every panel would be a picture of me drawing! You did a great job on this! I love all the interesting perspectives you draw!