Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Buck & Jed

Here's two more pictures for my drawing series today. The first one, Buck, is drawn with pen & ink along with brush splatters. As you can see, I like to play with minimal lines. The next one, Jed, is drawn with pen, brush and ink. I mostly shaded it with pen hatches, then added a few linear accents with a #1 round brush. The reason for the titles of these works is just because I had to name them something, right? I thought giving the drawings a personal name would make them more, well, personal.


Lynn Logan Roselli said...

Love your work! I am always inspired by your creativity and your focus in creating art. Thank you

nanke's stuff said...

You have a unique and interesting style - your work is amazing! nancy

Barbara B said...

Both are great. I learn so much about line and shading by looking at your work.