Monday, March 7, 2011

Illustration Friday: Warning

Here is a piece that is from my new series that is in progress. I thought it would be nice to center this one on this week's Illustration Friday topic.
The text is taken from Van Halen's song "Mean Street", from their Fair Warning album (get it, "Warning"?) These are just part of the lyrics that come at the end of the song. They evoke a lot of dark imagery in my mind so I thought it would be fun to put it down on paper.
Drawn with pen/ink and brush/ink.


Sandra said...

Heavy song. Your drawing technique is so powerful.

. said...

I know the song, and your work is fitting... its a very dark and deep!! Beautifully done,and I really like the ink.

raena said...

I love the style you're using with this series!