Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Faces Montage

I decided to create a montage of the drawings in my Faces series. I find it interesting to see the differences and similarities of the drawings. This series was inspired by the frustration that many artists and illustrators often experience with trying to develop a style. Unfortunately, many artists, if not most, have more than one way of creating art and have many different dimensions to their artistic voice. The frustration is perpetuated by art directors and dealers that only identify artists to a narrow stylistic view. This has been a great challenge to my artistic career because I enjoy working with a variety of media, methods and approaches. My art approach is represented by a broad spectrum that includes realism, abstract expressionism and everything in between. So with this series, I decided to focus on one subject, the human face, and one medium, India ink. The reason I chose to draw faces is because that is often what I draw when I want to experiment with a new medium or approach, or when I don't know what else to draw. It usually sparks other ideas if I fall into an artistic rut. In this series I chose not to focus on style, but to simply draw and try to allow my artistic voice to be manifested in the drawings.


Tim Lewis said...

Love it.

Alex said...

You're right! It's a very good montage!