Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everyday in May #1

I decided to to the Everyday in May drawing challenge this year. The challenge is from a Yahoo drawing group that I am a part of which is called Everyday Matters (or EDM) and the drawings are shared on Flickr. I am also sharing my drawings on my blog which is linked to Facebook and Twitter. I think the main challenge will be making sure all my bases are covered on the social networks!

The first drawing of the month is to draw a bar of soap. The soap I use is kept in a travel soap container so it doesn't dissolve when other family members are taking their showers.

For those visiting this blog who is not frequent art viewers, you might be wondering, "Why in the world would anyone draw a bar of soap?" That is a good question. One good reason artists draw common everyday objects is because artists need to always be perceptive of their environment because it's not the big things that makes art great, it's the little things. These little things are things that most people overlook and take for granted. When an artist depicts the ordinary in an extraordinary way, it allows the viewer to look at things in a fresh and new way. So drawing everyday objects should be a part of an artist's drawing regimen. This is the main reason for my taking on this challenge, so I can be inspired by things in my surroundings and by those who will be sharing their drawing for the month of May.

Drawn with an ultra fine Sharpie pen.


Alex said...

Nice one David!

Deborah said...

Very well put, and a great first sketch of EDinMay.

debra morris said...

Great sketch