Friday, May 20, 2011

Judgement Day with Harold Camping

I haven't really thought that much about the speculated Judgement Day coming on May 21st. I don't worry about such things. However, as I was on the Internet today, I happened to notice the bearer of the bad news, and realized it is Harold Camping who has been teaching the distorted view of the Gospel.
I came across Camping back in 1994 when my wife and I were living in San Francisco. He had a radio program where he would teach the Bible and answer caller questions. At first I thought he was a pretty good teacher. Very knowledgeable in the Bible. After I moved back to Stockton later that year, I saw him on TV. However, when I started hearing him teach about the end of the world (I think it was going to be in September), I immediately discarded him as a quack.
After the "End" came and went, Camping has altered his teaching, and redefined what he "meant" in his teachings. I wonder how he will readjust his dogma after May 21.
It seems there are at least a few religious pseudo-Christian groups out there who have had similar teachings and, as a consequence, have had to readjust what they "meant". They still have followers today, which is very puzzling to me. Ah, enough rambling!

Harold's illustrative portrait was humorously created (with a bit of irreverence) with India ink and watercolor.


Dan Kent said...

Excellent picture - the Pinnochio analogy is so apt. Why this man wants to ruin so many people's lives is beyond me. People sell all their worldly possessions because they believe this claptrap. I read that some folks are planning a party after 6 pm tomorrow to celebrate the fact that he and everyone like him will have floated away. lol

Sandra said...

You handled the subject matter extremely well. Have a happy Saturday, Sunday and beyond!

Cathy Holtom said...

I don't know this man, but your description and drawing were very good. By the way I'm still here too!

Alex said...

Awesome! =)