Wednesday, May 18, 2011

T-shirt Design

I was asked by my church's youth minister to create two t-shirt designs for the front and back. The first illustration is for the back, and the second is for the front of the t-shirt. Text will be added later. I may or may not help with that part of the process. The t-shirts will be printed up for this summer's Bible camp for the kids and staff to wear.

These designs were created with watercolor, Prismacolor pencil and felt pen, tape (for the rough border), and gesso.


buglady said...

It will be interesting to see what slogans or catch phrases are added to the designs. I really like the rocket one. The other reminds me of gasoline ads from the 1950's.
Aloha, Kate

David R. Vallejo said...

Kate - The text was already planned out. "Fueled for Launch".
A retro style of illustrations was the intent, so I'm glad you caught on to that. It was lots of fun to do.

Alex said...

Really good design David! I am sure the kids would be proud to wear them. They seemed like they won't be hard to vectorize so I am sure minimal details will be loss during the digitizing process. I'd be so interested to see the actual T-shirts when they are done.

Sandra said...

How cool that you are doing this. A nice match for Fueled for Launch.