Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Illustration Friday: Launch

I decided it would be appropriate to use a previously created illustration for this week's topic. Normally, I try to treat each topic like an actual assignment. I found it especially fitting to use because Sierra Bible Camp is beign held this week. What are the odds?
This design is being used for t-shirts and printed materials for the encampment. Above are a printed piece and the actual illustration without text. I didn't do the lettering but left that job for the youth minitster to handle. When my son comes back from camp I'll have to show how the design looks printed on his t-shirt.

The illustration was created with watercolor, white Prismacolor pencil, gesso and Prismacolor felt pen, plus creative use of masking tape for the border effect of the image.


meegan said...

it's really cool. i'm glad you wrote how you did it _ i was stumped. It actually looks like a sceen print, but you created the textures yourself. nice one!

David R. Vallejo said...

Thanks! I think I had screen print in mind when I did it because it was basically being designed for a t-shirt. I think if I do another one again I will use gouache instead of watercolor since it is an opaque medium.

Sandra said...

Bet that the kids will love it! Nice piece.

nanke's stuff said...

No doubt the kids will really love it! It's definitely cool!! nancy