Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Characters Challenge #14

Got a bit under the weather so I had to take a few days off on the challenge.  Still not up to par, but feeling well enough to play catch up.  We'll call it art therapy :)  Here's my next character for my graphic novel.

Victor Gutierrez
·         Hispanic who is far removed from his culture (bigotry still exists in this future society)
·         Can’t roll his ‘R’s in his last name “Gutierrez”
·         Has worked hard to earn his place in society, even if it meant stepping on others in the process
·         Ambitious
·         Looks down on the poor and uneducated
·         Makes things happen
·         Worked his way out of lower class and thinks that there is no reason why anyone else couldn’t do the same
·         On the outside, Victor is an upstanding citizen
·         However, in a tight situation, i.e., zombie outbreak, he cannot be trusted
·         People have a bad feeling about him, though they may not be able to give a rational explanation
·         Victor talks down to Willie, ordering him to “Fix this”, or “Clean up that”
·         Victory resents Willie for earning his way to live on Titan and would do anything to tarnish Willie’s reputation (Thomas may kill Victor since he befriends Willie)

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raena said...

Sorry to hear you've been ill! Wonderful sketches, I'm loving the zombie theme!