Friday, November 11, 2011

30 Characters Challenge #11

Thanks to all who have volunteered your images to model as zombies. I am still accepting pics if you would like to email them to me at  I wasn't quite able to complete one of the zombie designs today.  It has a sci fi motorcycle that I am still working the kinks out, but it should be done by tomorrow.  Lots of fun!  In the mean time, here is one of the main characters for the graphic novel.  I think I will start laying out the story on paper soon since I've got a pretty good start on the characters and a load of reference materials.
Willie Bragg
·         - Is a handyman
·         - Is a “nobody” but serves a necessary role
·         - Being a Jack of all trades, he is the best at what he does and quietly earns the opportunity to live on Titan
·         - Willie does his work dutifully, regardless of what people may say about him; “It’s my job” is his outlook
·         - He is an intelligent problem-solver and can fix almost anything
·         - When put in close contact with Thomas during the zombie outbreak, he becomes Thomas’ father-figure and his conscience of sorts
·         - Willie eventually finds out what sort of person Thomas is (Thomas can’t get himself to kill Willie) and struggles with calling him out or taking matters in to his own hands


raena said...

Great so far! I'm wondering, if I send a picture of myself to be zombiefied, do I need to be doing anything, or will you be using your imagination to take care of that part?

David R. Vallejo said...

If you would like to do something as a pose, then that would be great. If not, then I can use my imagination too. The motorcycle zombie was a combination of a pose being tweaked by imagination.