Thursday, May 24, 2012

30 Days of Creativity - Preceding Days 1

I purchased a sketchbook just for this year's 30 Days of Creativity challenge. Since there are 192 pages in the book, I decided to start drawing in it as preparation for the challenge. Plus, there is no way I could draw 192 pages in 30 days and meet all my other obligations. So with this year's challenge, I plan to draw at least one drawing per day, and hopefully more than that as time allows. I will be limiting myself to a nibbed pen and ink, while occasionally using technical pens, brushes and maybe collage. I will draw mostly from life, but will also draw from imagination from time to time. So here are pics of my book and tools along with my first drawing (misspellings and all!)


Timaree said...

Good luck! You've made a good start already.

Joan said...

What is the white pen (?) closest to your sketch book? Is the black one a Hunter?

We like to know what tools, equipment, sketchbooks fellow artists use. What you like/dislike about any of the above. (We're nosey!)


David R. Vallejo said...

The white pen is a Kohinoor Rapidograph technical pen. It's point size is .05. The other pen is a #102 Hunt nibbed pen with plastic nib holder.
What I like about the Rapidograph is that it is portable so I don't have to fumble with a separate ink container as I would with a dip pen. Also, I feel I can still achieve professional quality imagery with it. The down side is that you can't achieve a varied line weight with it and sometimes technical pens have problems with clogging.
What I like about the Hunt quill is that the nibs are very inexpensive so if one breaks it can easily be replaced. The Hunt pen nibs are also great for achieving a varied line weight and are very sensitive to the individual artist's touch. The down side is that it can take a while to master the pen and become comfortable with it, especially since you movements are a bit limited as to which direction you draw your strokes. Having a separate ink container can also be a potential risk for a very permanent mess.
With that said, I am always in search of the perfect pen, and so I am always experimenting with different tools.

May 26, 2012 9:10 AM