Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Gesture Drawing Class - Week 4

The fourth week of drawing class went well. Our instructor discussed the muscles of the arms and so a few of my drawings follow that discussion. Though we have been taught certain linear techniques for capturing the gesture of the figure on paper, the structure of the class is flexible enough to allow us to try out our own techniques. Therefore, in some of my drawings I used the side of my crayon to draw the gesture of the figure. I like using the side because it allows me to "feel" the figure with depth and space, in more of a 3 dimensional way. I think this method exercises the concept of gesture drawing very well. Contrary to common misconceptions, gesture drawing is not simply creating fast drawings, scribbles or stick figures, it is a process of observation that captures the movement or essence of the pose.

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thebangzats said...

Gesture drawings classes, huh? Wish I had one of those. I had to learn myself, and as 'improving' and I'd like to be, being self-taught if different than a class.

Just look at this: http://wp.me/p1bkIx-6j
These were 5 minute ones, and they still need work.