Thursday, June 6, 2013

Illustration Friday: Sweet

Had a little fun with the topic for this week. My illustration is directed towards the Paleolithic Diet. Specifically, one point that proponents of the diet state is that before humans resorted to agriculture, which had them eating grains, starches and sugars, there were no incidents of dental diseases. This was because the consumption of starchy foods was not as high.

I'm not sure about this reasoning or the other points that proponents of the diet make, but my dentist has quite the sweet-tooth and he simply brushes his teeth and flosses. I would consider him an expert, at least on dental hygiene. 

So this illustration points out the epitome of man, where not fire, but sugar, changes the course of man's destiny!

Illustration was created with watercolors, acrylic, pen, and ink. 

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