Monday, May 12, 2014

Christians vs. Climate Change

Is climate change an actual fact proven by scientific studies? Or is it just a cyclic condition that cannot really be measured because there is not enough data to prove or disprove it? It's hard to know, because one side will say it is so, while the the other side will say the contrary. Unfortunately, the contrary usually means certain conservative political groups that also associate themselves with the Christian community.

Now, me, being a Christian, I don't quite feel that this anti-climate change is something I totally adhere to. I don't really like being associated with the naysayers. I mean, I can understand that there may be cycles of the earth that take place over periods of centuries and millennia, but why do we have to put our heads in the sand and say that human activity has no effect on our planet? I find it hard to believe that what we put in the air and the water, and what we dump in and on the land has no effect on our planet.

Furthermore, how is it that the majority of the scientific community who studies our earth agrees that climate change is a reality? How do we simply dismiss that?
Personally, I am more on the side of taking care of our earth and environment. No, I'm not willing to live in a grass hut while wild animals roam free around me. But if we were to just try to take care of the water that we drink, the food that we eat, and the air that we breath, wouldn't that take care of a multitude of adverse conditions that we may face in the near future, if not presently?

Illustration created with watercolor, pen, brush, and ink.

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