Tuesday, September 2, 2014

From Hunter to Hunted

I was part of a 12 Hour Comic Challenge were artists are challenged to create a 12 page comic story in 12 hours. This is a spin-off from the 24 Hour Comic that is held on the first Saturday of every October.

To prepare for the challenge, I held a summer class that taught basic drawing principles in the context of the challenge, and I also shared tips on how to successfully complete a sequential story in such a limited amount of time.

Though I had a bunch of ideas brewing before the day of the challenge, when it came to actually doing it, I decided to just make it up on the spot. I spent the first hour writing out a simple outline of what I wanted to happen on each page, plus I also thumbnailed each page before drawing it. Unfortunately, I didn't finish all 12 pages in 12 hours, but I proudly completed 10 pages. Though the story is a bit choppy I like how the art came out.

I drew all my pages with India ink and a #03 synthetic sable round brush.

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