Sunday, October 19, 2008

Daily Sketches - A Good Weekend!

What a good weekend it was for my family and I. We spent our time in Fresno.

On Saturday my wife had to go to a seminar for her teaching credential program. She was able to bring our son with her as the presentation allowed for children to share with the experience. The subject was science and our son and his mom had a blast learning together.

I was able to spend time on my own at the Fresno Art Museum and experience the various exhibitions at my own pace, which is often very slowly (the son and wife usually leave me far behind when we go to art exhibits together). Here are some sketches from the museum.

Today we went to the Fresno Zoo and I was quite impressed with what they had to offer. For some reason I wasn't expecting much. However, the zoo was set up very well and was full of lots of animals that looked well cared for. I even got to touch sting rays. I didn't draw any sketches at the zoo, but took many photos of which I plan to make at least a few sketches.

Below is not a sketch from the zoo, but a drawing from Harry's Bagels where we had breakfast before our animal adventure.


Linda T said...

Great sketches! It's so fun to peek inside someone's sketchbook.

freebird said...

Looks like you got to have an enjoyable, productive time to yourself!

Anetka said...

nice sketches! realy capture the moments:)