Friday, October 17, 2008

Missed the Deadline!

What a busy week! Just too many things to do and not enough energy to stay up late to work on art.

I tried to whip out a painting for this week's Illustration Friday theme this morning before work (the theme is "Strings"), but I couldn't finish it in time. This is what I accomplished in about 20 minutes.

This is done with acrylics.

Since I have to go out of town this weekend, I will have to finish the painting when I get back.

I'll be in Fresno, Ca. so I plan on visiting the Fresno Art Museum while I am there. I plan to sketch some of the art pieces that I see on display.

1 comment:

freebird said...

I've seen a few of the IF's. Not everyone puts as much work into theirs as you do but you'll have a nice picture when you are done.