Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Many Projects

I almost have too many art projects going on at this time. Currently, I am working on paintings to reproduce as prints, a caricature project for my church's praise band, building up my portfolio with personal assignments such as Illustration Friday and my guitarist series, and, finally, a new sermon painting design that I am planning for our church's Easter Sunday service. Though I am not one to be busy for the sake of busyness (a trait our society unfortunately seems to hold as a badge of honor), this is good activity for me because it is very stimulating creatively and artistically.

Here is the start of my sermon painting idea (for more info on my sermon paintings, follow the link ). One of the inspirations for this design is Rodin's "Hand of God". I want to work on the idea a bit more before I present it to my minister. At this point of the design stage, it sort of reminds me of hands sculpting an Oscar award. Work, work work!

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Carol said...

This is going to a beautiful and thought provoking piece.