Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Painting and Drawing Projects

I purchased a book entitled How to Paint Like the Old Masters. At first glance I was hesitant to even look at the book because I feel most books like this are gimmicky. But as I thumbed through the book, I found that the author shares a good deal of information. I appreciate that rather than sharing a "classical" approach to painting (which is too general a term) he explains different techniques that certain artists from the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries may haved used. The book has way more information than I will probably use, but is a good resource because who knows, I might want to try making my own medium some day. Many of the painting approaches are similar to what I am trying to do with my latest painting project. The big difference is that I am working with acrylics and not oil.

Here is the progress so far on one part of the triptych. I have only finished the top hand and need to quickly get on to the rest of the canvas. I think working with oils might have been faster with the actual application of paint. It took me about an hour to add the gray tones on the hand. After the gray tones I will add color glazes. I'll try to speed it up for the rest of the painting.

This next set of drawings is preparation for a caricature of our church's praise band. I don't know about other artists, but I get asked to do a lot of caricatures. I still have a lot of work to do because some of these don't look much like the actual person and I also have to exaggerate the images.

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