Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kids and Ducks

Done with a nibbed pen and India ink.
This is another study for a series of pictures that I will be displaying later on today at the county fair (and for the following 2 days). The final will be in watercolor and pen/ink.
I am going to just add the watercolor for this piece and then work on the rest at the fair. I think the idea is that artists are to be seen working on their art to attract attention to our booth. Because my family is out of town with our digital camera, I'll have to post the finished pieces after this weekend when they get back.


Alex said...

Looking really good so far, and I really like how you did the perspective with the fence giving it so much depth. The ducks and the kids are awesome too, can't wait to see the final result!

Taunnya said...

I love both sketches. You've been able to capture so much with simple lines.

Karen said...

Are you going to show them again on the blog with the watercolor added? These are the ones you had on display yesterday at the fair? You had a couple more you were working on too. All very nice.

David R. Vallejo said...

Karen - Yes, I plan to post the finished pieces with watercolor. I just have to wait for my family to get back home from Bible camp this Saturday so I can use the digital camera on the drawings. It was good to see a fellow EDMer off line. Thanks for introducing yourself.