Monday, June 22, 2009

Study for Small Series

Here is a study for a picture that will be a part of a small series focusing on ducks in one of our neighborhood parks. I plan to initially create about 3 or 4 finished pieces. These pieces will be displayed for the San Joaquin County Fair that starts this Wednesday. Artists-in-Schools is letting its artists display and work on art at their booth in the fair as a way to promote the program. For me this is a great way to display my art without having to go through a lot of red tape (licensing, release forms, fees, etc.).
This piece is a sketch done with a Sharpie pen. The final piece (and other pieces) will be done with India ink and watercolor. Whew! Tight deadline. Better get to work!


Dan Kent said...

I love this picture - the line work is so well done. I am partial to ducks anyway (and all at different angles - looks like a bustling community. I also like the way you formed the rocks and the brush.

Alex said...

I love ducks too! :) And this is just so calm and makes me want to relax watching them. Great pen work, and superb observation!

raena said...

Fantastic line work! I think the pen can be tricky when shading, but you've handled that perfectly!