Thursday, August 6, 2009

Illustration Friday: "Modify"

Barely had time to do this week's illustration. Seems to be the way it is lately.
Nowadays, it is hard to know how much of our food is modified, or how much it has been modified. I am not sure how much modification I am comfortable with, but it seems that more natural processes could be used to grow our food, and in the case of organic foods, less expensive.
This piece was done with pen/ink and color pencil.
Note: Due to copyright infringement (knowingly and unknowingly), I am putting a "watermark" of sorts on my art work from now on. I don't like viewing art with these types of visual distractions, but I feel I need to protect my work, or at least make a person work a little bit to use my art without permission. If anyone would like to use my art just let me know and I will be happy to see how we can make it happen.


nanke's stuff said...

Powerful drawing, evoking a creepy feeling! nancy

Alex said...

Interesting piece! The hatching is amazing as always, but I really like the way you draw it, almost as if the character is spray painting the fruit ^^

David R. Vallejo said...

There is something mysterious, creepy, and manufactured with this piece. It is partly inspired by the work of Mashal Arisman, whose work has a dark quality about it. As Alex mentioned, it is almost as if the fruit (tomato) is being spray painted, which is the characteristic I was looking for in this piece. Sort of an artificial, superficial, manufactured representation of the food we buy.

raena said...

I like your how you interpreted this challenge! This is something I believe in very much! Great job!