Friday, September 11, 2009

Preliminary Drawing for New Series

Here is a working drawing for my first piece in my new art series. The series will depict agriculture equipment. With this series, I don't want to simply draw pictures of cozy little farm scenes. I want to choose different views and perspectives that offer a more compelling depiction of the subjects. I want to almost venture into the abstract with some of my designs.

This drawing was done with an HB lead mechanical pencil (0.9 mm. lead) on trace paper. It was all done by freehand; no rulers, compasses or templates. I want there to be some imperfections that come from hand drawing. I find it a much more organic approach than using mechanical tools.

The final art will be rendered with watercolors and pen/ink.


Gary said...

I like your proposal for the new series a lot. You have a good eye for detail - I await your watercolor layers.

bigtoe10 said...

what a concept--really looking forward to seeing the series posted
thanks for sharing, Sherrie

Alex said...

I am liking this so much already (the Mechanical part of my DNA is showing) :) Can't wait to see more development and more drawings like this one!

Anonymous said...

Terrific composition. Agree with all of the above, looking forward to more of this, and of the series.
Well done.