Thursday, September 3, 2009

Illustration Friday: "Magnify"

Its been a while since I have submitted for IF. I guess since school started it has been difficult to get into a routine.

This illustration represents how I sometimes feel because of my glasses. If my eyes get any worse I might need to wear magnifying glasses.

Done with pen/ink.


Melanie S said...

Looks great. I haven't tried ink yet. To itmidating.

Love the lemur in your previous post also.

Gary said...

Really well drawn

Alan said...

well done

raena said...

Well done and I can commiserate! Every time I go back to the eye doctor, it seems like my vision gets worse! I'm so near-sighted that I once bumped my head on the mirror trying to see my face!!

kazumiwannabe said...

Well done - very expressive!