Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Daily Sketch 53

OK, so I got a little crazy with India ink on this one. Take a break from a Sharpie pen, and this is what happens! :)
This piece is about being inconsiderate, which could be anyone, but the focus is on a person who smokes. One of my pet peeves is how some smokers, after finishing their cigarette, will just flick it onto the ground without a thought of the fact that they are littering. Though I don't smoke, I don't condemn or judge those who choose to do so (I have too many faults of my own to judge anyone). I just wish people were more considerate of others, whether it is with smoking or something else.

Drawn with pen, brush and India ink. Used an ink dropper for drip marks and some linear accents.


Johanna said...

A sketch with lots of charachter, as always with your sketches. I always enjoy seeing them.

Johanna said...

And I know what you mean regarding the smokers (I know, because I used to be one) just flicking studs on the ground. Horrible. We have great problems with the kids smoking in school (I work as a high school teacher) and littering all over the place. Why, oh why would they want to do that?

Anonymous said...

This is great! I love the black and white. Your style is nice! Glad I could come over and check out your work!! I'll return!!