Friday, December 18, 2009

Daily Sketch 54 & 55

Missed drawing yesterday, so I made up for it today by doing two drawings. The first drawing is of our dog and cat (looking out the window in the background).
The second is of a nerdy minotaur having a cup of coffee (I wonder if he takes it black). The drawing of the minotaur was going to just be a drawing of a man, but my son and his friend saw me drawing and suggested the minotaur with glasses idea. I had no choice but to oblige :)

Both drawings done with pen/ink.


Possum Patty said...

Nice perspective on the dog and cat. And, well, the minotaur kind of looks like my husband BEFORE his coffee. LOL

freebird said...

Well of course you had to oblige the boys! Bet they were real happy you did too.
The pets look great.