Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Daily Sketch 79

I don't wish any ill towards Conan O'Brien. However, I think he could whine a bit less as he cashes in on his show's demise. Though he won't get all $30 - $40 million of his settlement (some of it goes to his staff) he still gets enough to live comfortably, to say the least. Ah, to be rich and famous!

This drawing is a study for a more finished illustration that I hope to complete tomorrow. I am making it a goal to complete one illustration a day for the next couple of weeks so I can build up my portfolio.

Drawn with a Sharpie pen.


Anonymous said...

Great job all around - your page says it all! Personally I appreciate your comments. My favorite bumper sticker (on our fridge): "No Snivelling". In today's economic world, his whining is very tacky.

Janene said...

Ha ha--nicely done!

raena said...

Agreed! I realize that he probably loves his job, but he should be more grateful for what he was given. Love the sketch, very funny!