Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Illustration Friday: "Wilderness"

This illustration is not of any particular moment in my Army career. It is inspired from the experience of doing field training exercises which often lasted all night long (though Basic Training had us out in the field for about 4 days straight with very little sleep, ugh!)
Thankfully I never had to use my field training while I was deployed. I got to pretty much work in an office type of setting most of the time. The most difficult part was just being away from my family.
Thanks to all you guys (and gals) that are facing real dangers so that others may enjoy their unalienable rights.

Illustration done with pen, ink and watercolor.


Evelyn Howard said...

Nice piece

raena said...

I love it when you add color; you do it so well and your pieces just come alive!

Revelle said...

Great foreshortening! Great color, great drawing! Want to see more color from you!

David R. Vallejo said...

Thanks all!
With my goal of creating one illustration a day, I plan on posting more color pieces. Conan will be posted in color later on today.

Marie Plocharz said...

The angle makes the composition quite powerful.