Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daily Sketch 98

Continuing the daily sketch concept, here is Mr. Frodo drawn with a 0.9mm mechanical pencil.


Ramona Davidson said...

I love the detail on the cat's fur. Looks soft and petable. Good work.

Alex said...

I must say the 0.9mm seems like a great addition. I am so interested in it ^^ I am just wondering how hard it is to get the lead. :)
Love the sketch!

Kim said...

You've captured a wonderfully calm cat face. I love it when my cats look like this - it tells me that all is right with the world.

Patsy Taylor-Craw said...

Mr. Froto looks like such a sweetie. Wonderfulsketch.

Quilt Knit said...

Love Mr. Frodo. Wonderful in .9mm Wish I could find a Sanford PhD Mechanical Pencil in .9mm. I have not given up. It is so nice to have all sizes of Mechanical Pencils in your Drawing arsenal.
Have you tried the Uni Kuru Toga Mechanical Pencil?
I have both the 0.3mm and 0.5mm
take a look on You Tube:

It self sharpens! Wishing for the .9mm and .7mm
Available from Jet Pens.

Sherrie Roberts

Quilt Knit said...

Oh, What brand of 0.9mm Mechanical pencil are you using?

Sherrie Roberts

David R. Vallejo said...

Sherrie- Thanks for the youtube of Uni Kuru Toga, very interesting pencil! I am currently using a cheaper Pentel mech pencil (tho at $4+, I don't really consider it that cheap). I started using a 0.9mm lead when I was studying architectural drafting and used it because it yeilded a good variety of line widths for hand lettering. I continue to use it for drawing because it gives me different line qualities that I prefer in my artwork. I actually prefer using wood pencils but I don't like trying to sharpen them when I am drawing out in the field.

raena said...

It's an excellent sketch!

Revelle said...

Love Frodo!