Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Articulaciones Visuales #3

This piece is done on a more conventional dimension of canvas which is 30" x 40". However, the visual elements repeat the dimensional width of the two previous pieces in this series. I'm on a roll with this series. Unfortunately, I will have to slow down a bit until I can stretch more canvas and also work on other art work that I plan on selling (an artist has to pay the bills, right?)

Articulaciones Visuales #3 is painted with oil on canvas.


nanke's stuff said...

I like this one very much! Oil - yep,it does take its sweet time to dry, doesn't it! nancy

E*phi said...

I haven't ever painted with oil,
but this looks fantastic! I like your abstract series a lot! Definitely something I would like to have hanging on my walls if I'll ever have a house/flat large enough to have some spare walls not covered with cupboards, bookshelves, windows and the like. ;)

Revelle said...

Love the movement and colors!

Alex said...

nice flow! I like how things go in series