Monday, September 13, 2010

Brain Child September Cover

Here is my latest cover art for Brain Child. The title of the piece is Rocket Surgery/Brain Science. Brain Child is a local publication that features art, poetry, and all things creative from Stockton, CA area artists. The publication is distributed to various coffee houses, colleges, and places where interesting people congregate. It has been my privilage to be able to provide the cover art for the past two publications. And it seems that my Self-Licking Brain Freeze will make it to the next issue too.
Having a somewhat different sense of humor at times, it is refreshing when I am able to connect with an audience that can appreciate my visual wit. I look forward to creating many more "brain" pieces.
As an artist/illustrator, some times it is a great challenge to promote art, find clients, and make connections. Though I have had success with directly soliciting potential clients, I think the majority of my work has come from making my art visible to the general public, and just puting it out there for all to see. I think this has worked for me because it is very difficult to know what people like. Sometimes the audience has to find the artist (of course self promotion still is an absolute must). With Brain Child, I didn't seek them out, they found me via Facebook, of all places. My first submission was an interior piece of my Obama portrait. Then they asked to use my Germs illustration for a cover. This led to my planning an ongoing series of brain pieces for their cover art.
This is a really nice deal that allows me creative freedom, public exposure, and tearsheets for my portfolio.


Alex said...

Congratulations David! I love the cover =) It's got so many details and very catchy at the same time, definitely a job well done!

Janene said...

Congratulations! You've found a niche.

raena said...


donna said...

They found your via Facebook! I love the illustration, congratulations.