Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Couple of Guys

Thought I would try out my Micron pens. I've had them since the Art Battle and used them maybe once more since then. Usually when I test out a new drawing tool I will draw faces and old guys, so here they are! I like the pens pretty well, however, they are just a bit expensive for simply sketching. I will probably use them for my more finished work in the future.
I appreciate all the comments and critiques of my logo design. I am taking them into consideration as I think more about how I might want the design to reflect my business. I am glad that I don't make logos for a living or do graphic design. It's just not my thing!


Maitha said...

love the detail in the hair

nanke's stuff said...

The expression on the face of the first man tugged at my heart. I love my Microns! nancy